What YA Book Should You Read Next?

You’ll want to read all of these

Stuck on what to read next? I know the feeling. My TBR is nearly as tall as I am. Admittedly, that’s not that tall but you get the picture.

In today’s blog post, I thought I’d have a go at playing matchmaker and get to the bottom of your bookish dilemma.  I’ve put together a super scientific quiz that’s going to slice and dice your personality to find a YA book that will quickly become your new favourite. Think of it as Tinder but for books.

Unlike Tinder, however, this quiz is sleaze free. Trust me, I’ve read all of the books included in it and would recommend all of them. You may even be introduced to the love of your life. Or is it the book of your life? Either way, let’s do this.

Once you’ve finished, make sure you tell me what book you got in the comments below.

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